An Overview of the Worth Program


Protecting Life.

Strengthening Families.

Educating the Future.

Worth is a program that was created in order to build trustworthy relationships with the younger generation. While youth are learning to grow up, they are constantly measuring the right decisions with all of the influences around them. WORTH aims to be a voice in the midst of all of the noise, helping the youth to make sense of how to have a healthy relationship. 

The WORTH program reaches out to schools, youth groups, and other oganizations in Mason & Oceana County. Some of the topics that we cover are:

  • Dating/Friendships
  • Boundaries 
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • STI's
  • Risky Behaviors & Situations
  • How & When to Tell Your Kids about Sex

To schedule a presentation for your school, youth group, or organization

​please call: (231)-843-7094

email at: