So you missed your period and you are wondering if

you might be pregnant

Before you make any decisions, stop by our center today for a free, confidential pregnancy test and someone to talk to about what your options are and how we can assist you.


Adoption is a a great option for some but it can seem scary and you might not know where to start or if its for you.  The Center offers adoption referrals with agencies that will sit down with you and walk you through the process.



Abortion is a big decision and a major medical procedure.   Be sure that you know the risks, procedure, and long-term impacts of such a decision.  We encourage you to explore all of your options; arm yourself with facts and truth.



Protecting Life.

Strengthening Families.

Educating the Future.

Parenting is a rewarding but sometimes challenging endeavor and we are here to help you!  The Center offers parenting classes, free baby items, and peer mentoring to help you navigate the ups and downs of parenting.