Fatherhood looks different today, but is an important piece in your child's life.  Explore some ways to get involved with your child and to pour into their lives.


Earn While You Learn Program

Parenting Basics / Toddler Challenges

Healthy Relationships

Abortion Recovery

Sometimes parents find themselves in a situation where they have become involved in the Child Protective Services System and are being required to take parenting classes. We also offer the opportunity to do supervised visit times for those parents. 

Parenting a child can be very fulfilling but at the same time life changing. Whether you are a new parent or a seasoned one, parenting a child can be hard work. West Shore Pregnancy & Family Support offers free parenting education classes that will prepare you for every stage in raising a child.

Our classes are also open to dads and other caregivers.

Life Skills Classes

Overwhelmed or have questions on how to deal with a number of different baby and toddler challenges (discipline, potty training, routines, etc.)?  Create a customized class to fit your needs.

Anything from budgeting, to household cleaning, to job interviewing, these life skills classes will help ease some stress in your life.


Learn parenting basics from feedings, bath time, and baby safety.

Prenatal / New Mom Classes

Our classes are meant to meet you where you are.  â€‹Stop by today to customize a class that fits your needs.

Items earned are based on your specific needs so just tell your client mentor what item you need and we will customize your class!

FREE Classes

Help your child learn about healthy relationship by modeling them yourself.  Learn how through this class (premarital counseling also available).

Whether it was from a miscarriage or an abortion, it can be hard to deal with the loss.  Join one of our ongoing support groups. 

Child Protective Services

Protecting Life.

Strengthening Families.

Educating the Future.

Classes Offered