About Us

Protecting Life. Strengthening Families. Educating the Future


We are a place that exists to support you!

 Our goal is to help those with pregnancy-related concerns and to support families of children ages 0-3 years. We also provide support for those who have been impacted by abortion. 

Our services are not limited to only mothers; if you are a father or a grandparent raising a young child please contact us. Click here for more information on all of our services. All of our services are free and confidential. 

Interested in getting involved?  Click here to learn of different ways to partner with us!

Fiscally Responsible

Protecting Life.

Strengthening Families.

Educating the Future.

Our mission is to empower women and families to become strong and courageous parents for their children and prepare the next generation to do the same.

Our desire is to enable those we serve to make positive, life-affirming choices for themselves and their children and to become whole in Christ. 

WSPFS seeks to be responsible stewards of the gifts supporters bestow on them. Transparency is key to ensuring accountability and trust.  WSPFS encourages you to take a look at their annual report and contact the office if you have further questions.